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Why Do Successful People Have Spiritual Practices?

Oprah quoteRegardless of what industry you are in, whether you are employed or the CEO, whether you are an entrepreneur, competition is fierce for business. How does one stand out amongst the crowded market place and gain the competitive advantage? You will get many responses to this including offering a superior quality product, or setting up good systems, and so on. Responses and opinions on this will vary somewhat depending upon who you talk to. The one thing that they will all agree on however is that all types of business involve people. In fact there is no type of business that does not involve dealing with people to some level.

The simple truth is that people do business with other people that they like. You may have heard that old adage ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know that matters’. Well this is as true today as it was a hundred years ago, and will continue to be the case well into the future. So let’s get stuck into answering why do successful people have spiritual practices?

Firstly, let’s note that there are many different types of spiritual practices and also many ways in which spiritual practices benefit people. It is not possible to cover all types of practices or benefits here. We will just pick up on a couple.

Successful people get that simple fact that people do business and buy from people or brands they like. So what makes you likeable? It’s simple, in short being the best of you, and that includes high performance. Just one case in point is Oprah Winfrey, one of the most successful women known, and see what she has to say.

2 - Why Do Successful People Have Spiritual Practices -  2ND IMAGE POSITION SHOWN IN ARTICLE -Oprah Spirtuality QuoteThere are very few people who do not know that great communication is made up of 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal (55% body language and 38% tone). The thing that very few people know and pay attention to is that our communication with ourselves is also reflects the principle of communication with others percentages.

If any of you have ever had a coach or been to self-development seminars you will know that they are consistently having you get up and move around, dance and literally change your physical state. You will note that even if you felt that the people in the room were a little over the top mad, that if you participated in the physical exercises you did feel better on some level.

So going back to communication percentages, the highest at 55% was body language. Body language means physical movements of expression that the other person is picking up on and understanding on a very subtle subconscious level – on a level that they are not even aware of as they are doing it. Well in the same way ‘you’ communicate with yourself to a similarly high percentage through ‘your own body language’. That is why the quickest way to change how you feel and your emotional state is through physical movement of any kind.

Why is this important? Communicating with yourself said differently is being fully connected with self. When you are fully connected with yourself you will connect to your spirit. Your spirit is the place from which wellness comes, intuition and inspiration come from there, and the best of you. In fact in many ancient and modern shamanic and native cultures it is normal to dance to connect to spirit. For example Native Americans, the people of the Amazon, and many others. Quite often we see when people sing in prayer they begin moving or dancing.
Have you noticed how on a dance floor everyone moves slightly differently even though the same song is on? Well this is because they are connecting to their spirit and they are at once both releasing emotions that do not serve them, and also expressing their creative side which fills them with ‘feel good hormones’.

Successful people understand that spiritual practices help put them ‘at the top of their game’ because they access a health and vitality, access better decision making, put them in touch with their intuition, and finally handle everything that success brings with it more easily. So one of the reasons it is a must for you to get into spiritual practice is to be able to access the ‘successful’ person in you, and if you are already successful then consider that there is another level of success available to you.

2 - Why Do Successful People Have Spirtitual Practices - 3RD IMAGE - Ecstatic DanceHow can you learn spiritual practice or re-access it? Well one of the best ways is to learn from the best and have them guide you as all great mentors do. You will want to go to The Goddess Retreat which is designed for women, and as part of this retreat you will have hands on experiences of various spiritual practices so that you can go back to your lives and incorporate them into your daily, weekly journey to help you access the best of you – where a more contented and happier you is just waiting to be released.

The Goddess Retreat will take place in Paestum, Italy from 22nd to 26th September 2016 and will be led by a World Class Trainer who has trained literally hundreds of thousands of people from stages across the globe, a Feng Shui Master Practitioner, and the best of Shamanic and Ecstatic Leaders.

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