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Where Does a Woman’s Access to Her Power and Beauty Lie in Today’s Modern World?

What Happened to Egyptian Queen Nefertiti?

What Happened to Egyptian Queen Nefertiti?

As a woman in today’s world I found myself mirroring many others in that I often found myself confused between roles and questioning myself….trying to please all and be the perfect woman, sister, auntie, business woman, leader, friend, and many other things. Honestly, some days it was a resounding success and I was the happiest gal alive, whilst other days I was left running around and feeling a sense of failure or lack. However, since tapping into this thing that I heard about several years ago called ‘The Divine Feminine’ and paying attention to its learnings, I found myself stepping into a much more empowered, ‘alive’, beautiful and successful version of myself. Quite simply, substantially happier.

What are we talking about? Well around 49.6 percent of the world’s population are female, giving a total female population of around 3.52 billion*. There are 101 men for every 100 women across the globe. At birth, men outnumber women 107 to 100, but male life span is generally shorter. So we have approximately 3.52 billion reasons to pay attention to what it means to be a woman, and more importantly what it means to be the best version of a woman – the best version of you.

Now this topic is as huge as is the number of women in the world. So we touch just the tip of this iceberg here, but in a meaningful way nonetheless.

Women are the creative force – women give birth, and then continue to nurture, and not just in the obvious way or in the home. In work and business giving birth is the beginning of a project or creativity encompassed, and the nurturing speaks for itself right. This is a fundamental gift from nature to us, and one that we can choose to embrace and enjoy the riches of, or resist and feel the effects of fighting our essence. Like any gift it is not a simple one. It has many facets and qualities – ancient civilisations revered it and taught a great deal about it to their people, instilling a massive respect to all for this beautiful and wonder-ful quality. A woman’s body shapes itself around the gift of creativity and life giving. This awesome energy is encoded into her cells.

As technology, industries and modern life have evolved, they brought many messages and conflicting pulls upon women across all areas of their lives. For example, in the corporate world we often hear ‘making it in a man’s world’, whereas the demands of the modern lifestyle often presents a conflict between being able to breastfeed and be a working mum. On many an occasion I have met wonderful women and I heard them say ‘I’m just a mum/housewife’, yet how many households are held together by the glue that is the mother or wife, working or not? What an awful message to live under, yet many do.

The divine feminine is about being able to be a woman in every sense, by being yourself fully whatever that means for ‘you’, openly and honestly without trying to be something you are not. It is about being the best of you, with all of your vulnerability and the strength that comes from that. Ancient cultures and sciences such as Feng Shui would have presented this as a perfect example of the duality of life, the yin & yang, the two sides of a coin. This is an example of the way in which life in reality is not just complex, not just a series of grayscales, but indeed full of what on the surface look like contradictions, yet on closer exploration are in fact examples of the duality of life.

In ancient cultures and indeed the most successful examples of life, women are taught about the divine feminine. In fact even in business and education it is recommended that one finds a mentor – a mentor is basically someone successful who has already learned through experience and innate gifts. A wise person.

It is the dear wish of the writer that every one of you women reading this blog will seek to learn how to access the deepest core of your incredible and magical powers of divinity by living through your feminine energy. That you will make it a part of your life’s journey to learn about what is encoded into your DNA and cells so that you can be the most beautiful you, and so that you can experience a truly fulfilled life where you contribute to the world, and feel the sense of fulfillment and happiness that comes from creativity that is truly expressed. Creativity from the level of spirit, through the mind space, to emotions expressed freely, to fully manifest in physical reality, and back up through it all as life is an infinite circle and process. A sense of wholeness that has one glowing from the inside out and shines through in a smile that lights up the room.

4 - 2ND IMAGE - POG_Sedona_200803-1471There are many ways to find mentors and guides for the different journeys that we embark on throughout life, and I put it to you that if you are a woman this will be one of your most empowering journeys. I wish you all the success or luck with seeking out your mentors. That said one place you could begin with if you have no idea where to start but wish to embrace and explore the power of your own divine femininity, is at The Goddess Retreat.

The Goddess Retreat is being led by master facilitators and women that bring a compliment of knowledge and skills that is second to none. As strong and empowered women who have been through their own journeys to the divine essence of their own femininity, they will be masterfully and gently guiding you to yours. And what’s really amazing about this exclusive retreat is that spaces are being limited so that all participants can access individual special attention over the week of the retreat 22nd to 26th September, which will be held in beautiful Paestum, Italy. Give yourself the Ultimate Gift – give yourself access to what it is to be the most beautiful you. And have lots of fun doing it ☺!

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