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9-blossom-pic-2Dear reader it’s the 10th of September 2016 and outside the first signs the summer is ending are beginning to peek through. Children have returned to school. In nature, the most prevalent sign is the sudden cooling in temperature. The sun is still coming out to greet us but there is less. So just in case the seasonal signs are a little more subtle, or even completely different where you are, allow me to tell you that this blog is coming out from the glorious global City of London, in the UK.

Where are you?

Just look outside now. Take a moment, and look out the window from your desk, from the train window, step outside into your garden, or from wherever you are. Notice that autumn is being announced at the door and is getting ready to enter the ballroom we dance away our lives in. Are you looking forward to the autumn? Or are you midst a last minute panic to squeeze in as much outdoors time as you can before the summer steps away? Are you in a hotter climate and feeling absolute glee that autumn will allow you to finally engage with the outdoors?

Every year the seasons announce themselves in nature, as the next one gradually enters, and the previous one leaves. As human beings we are also made of the same substances the world is made of and so it’s not surprising that we have such strong and powerful reactions to the changes of seasons. If we get the opportunity to sit together I will enthral you with some of the riveting explanations.

Human Contradictions

In the meantime, the point I am making is this. In our lives as human beings we expect ourselves to continue on full throttle all year long, in complete contradiction to the example provided by nature.

This is quite a profound point if you take the time to think about how it applies to you in your life. Are you a great mother? Are you a fabulous wife, partner, sister, colleague, friend and much more? Do you have a diary that has things booked in well into next year? Do you on paper, have weekends, but in reality they are really the time that you whizz around squeezing in all the things you didn’t have time to do in the week? In other words when is the last time that you really took time off – no – completely off? Time off, down time where ‘you’ were the focus of all your attention and those around you?

Spectacular September

September is the month when nature generally speaking says ‘okay it’s time to start slowing down’. So what better place to take our cues from as human beings right. The almighty, nature, all creation, the universe, spiritually speaking, or simply from the biology of life. However, you refer to it is almost irrelevant, as depending upon your beliefs and culture we all refer to this ‘thing’ differently. In the end it is about honouring ‘you’, the person you are, your ‘human being-ness’, your physical body, your life goals and expectations, your happiness.

At this special time it may be that you recognise this but do you actually take action in line with the cues from nature? So what am I suggesting? Well quite simply I am suggesting that just like nature you mark Septembr as a month where you take time to slow down a little and release any toxicity that may have built up in you over the year, that you replenish, that you rest, and much more in that vein. How I hear you ask in complete alarm? It’s already the 10th of September, how in the hell do I take time out with so many pressures from life to do more?

9-blossom-pic-2Secrets of Success

I completely understand your alarm because like you I am a human being subject to all the same pressures that you have – stop. Stop this is the time to realise the ultimate lesson that if you stop and recharge, guess what you will still get everything that you wanted to get done. How if you take time out? This is a secret that most successful people have discovered. That if they take the time to recharge then they have more to give and they are able to achieve more over the longer term.

It’s a bit like in the example of a single working day. If you just keep working all day without any breaks you will struggle through the day. Eventually, too many days like this slow down your performance and output levels, because it’s not sustainable over time.  However, if you make sure you take a proper lunch break, go get some air and a walk, then even through you’ve taken time out, you can go back in and get things done at a much faster and higher quality rate.

And Here It Is J

Well this same principle applies to your life. With your permission I’m going to tell you about one of the greatest secrets out there currently. It’s called The Goddess Retreat and it’s just waiting for you – already packaged and organised so all you have to do is just get yourself there. It is five days of being guided through by a team of master practitioners, an International Trainer who’s trained hundreds of thousands over the years, a Master Feng Shui and Energetics Practitioner, and a truly amazing Shaman, along with their team. These women will lead you through a release and recharge programme that is full immersion.

Full immersion is what it takes to release deeply held stresses (both emotional and physical). Full immersion is what it takes to give your body a new set point and release habits that do not serve you. What does this mean? For example you may have the habit of keeping yourself busy all the time. At The Goddess Retreat we will take care of you by helping you let go of those stresses that have you making yourself busy all the time. We will take care of you so you can feel what it feels like to be fully looked after in a loving environment and connected group.

So Don’t Delay

When you return home after this you will return not only knowing what it feels like to be taken care of, but to be able to access that feeling time and time again. How? Well we will be remaining in touch with you will follow up support and you will also have learned ‘some of the tricks of the trade’ so to speak, so you can replicate some windows of complete nurturing for yourself. And of course you will have found a little extra sunshine – not bad at all hey! Places are strictly limited so don’t delay or regret missing out J

To reserve your spot on the Fall Retreat

To talk  with one of the Master Facilitators (Marjean, Kurly or Rebecca) message directly via the Facebook Page

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