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Is Time Out and Away Just another Gimmick or Genuinely Important for ‘Every’ Woman?


1 - Is Time Out and Away Just another Gimmick or Genuinely Important for Every Woman - LEAD IMAGE FOR ARTICLE - ATG retreat 07 600pxI recently met with someone who is doing really well out there as far as everyone around this person can see, and yet inside the same person has been feeling the aftereffects and scars of a busy life, juggling a number of commitments and goals. This woman was telling me about her wonderful achievements and how others congratulate her regularly, how every morning she wakes up feeling like there is a little piece missing or just ‘sluggish’….the piece that has us bouncing out of bed with joy. Based on all outside appearances this woman is successful, gorgeous, in great surroundings with a lovely family, and alongside this has a fabulous future ahead of her. These are the things most people dream of right?
This life is not gender specific. This woman is like most people… like you and I.

It is normal for us to interact with all manner of other people throughout our daily lives, yet how often do we engage in interactions that are truly meaningful – those that make our present and future brighter and more joyful. At our deepest level we each have a need to be understood and to be able to talk from our soul. Yet in our daily lives many of us seldom talk about the things that make our hearts really sad underneath the ‘faces’ that we show the world, or to debrief on things that happen that have a significant effect on us – we just let it all pass by while we get on with other things.

So if you are the one saying hang on I spoke to my best friend just the other day and it was a fabulous chat, I would like to very respectfully challenge you by asking, firstly did you really step out of life or was it another rushed, squeezed in conversation, while you’re on speaker phone or headphones in and doing several other practical things – multitasking I believe this is called. Multitasking is fabulous. I myself do this regularly, but have you noticed that when we multitask while talking to someone else that it is difficult to be fully present for either yourself or the other person that you are talking to. Multitasking is not therefore meant for conversations from the soul. It is rare these days that it is possible to take proper time out ‘and’ also have the luxury of being with those that you can truly bare your soul to, to such an extent that you feel cleansed and light again.

In the same conversation I would secondly ask you when you talked to your best friend and you talked deeply, did you really? Did you talk about the thing that has been making your heart ache for some time (and in a new way that invites the possibility of lifting that heaviness) – that thing where you have insecurities come up and/or feel people could laugh at you about it and you couldn’t take that laughing, so instead you talk about other things. Did you?

On 11th August 2014 Robin Williams took his own life. Robin Williams was an actor that most people not only know of but know as very successful and living a dream life, and yet he took his own life. I am not presuming to pull apart the particulars of this tragic loss of a wonderful human being, but I am pointing out that this was a person with massive accomplishments in a number of different areas, with a wonderful relationship, and many other factors that we associate to success. He was a man who appeared to most as happy and content, and yet the hidden part of him, his soul, was literally dying.
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In the life of a typical man or woman in the western world today there are many reasons to rush around and quite often out of necessity we ‘squeeze’ in ‘me-time’ when we can. However, time out is not something that can be squeezed or held ransom to schedules and to-do lists. The more rushed or stressed out you are, the more likely that you need time to ‘switch off’ from your life and the more likely it will be beneficial for you to physically be completely away from your usual environment to genuinely achieve down-time. The less you feel that you have time to find to take out and be away the more likely it is exactly what you need to power your life forwards with real zeal and zest.

Genuine down-time is worth making an effort for because this is when we shed worries, stresses just shake off effortlessly, and you find yourself smiling just because. Genuine down-time is what re-calibrates your body and soul so that you when you return to your life you will step back from a better place within you.

What does this mean? Have you ever noticed how sometimes when the situation around you feels ‘bad’ and you feel bad with it, someone may come along and say something, and suddenly you don’t feel as bad or you actually feel good. Yet the situation hasn’t shifted, it’s just that you are in a better place, or your perspective has shifted. Well taking yourself out of your normal environment is one way of achieving this.
The way to really ramp up your results and benefits is to not only remove yourself from that environment but take yourself into a nurturing environment that is designed specifically to fill you up with love, warmth, secure feelings, rest, and much more so you feel revived at the level from which peace and wellness shines through.

Speaking from the perspective of Feng Shui the benefits of taking yourself on a holiday or retreat are spectacularly good. Why? Well there are many more detailed and complex reasons which would need whole articles for each in of themselves, however here’s the short and simple reason why it works so well. When we go on a holiday or retreat we intentionally mark out a space in time. The important word here is ‘intention’. Intentions have an incredible power because what they do is they create an internal environment that is ring-fenced inside us, in this case for rest, recuperation, fun, laughter, sun, special conversations, ‘no work’, off duty from our normal lives and responsibilities and many more. So if we book something say for example a month in advance our bodies, hearts and minds automatically start feeling the benefit of the retreat way before we’ve even begun packing. How? Well because a good deal of the 160,000 plus thoughts that we have each day suddenly have a focus on the holiday or retreat. Furthermore when we as human beings think of something we have automatic feelings associated with those thoughts that begin affecting us on all levels immediately.

Try it…. Just for a moment imagine yourself in the sun, in Italy, seeped in the benefits of it’s incredible history and beauty; now imagine being amongst a group of 30 like-minded women holding the space of love, healing and fun for each other – sisterhood and friendship at its best. As if that isn’t enough, now imagine that the team running this retreat are experts in helping a woman access the best of herself, and this team pour gift upon gift onto you in every form to light up all of your senses. Okay at this point check in with yourself – how do you feel with this image? Notice that you don’t just feel good but that the whole physiology of your body reacted to that image. You may have felt the warmth of that sunny rich environment as if it is physically real. You most likely had an emotional reaction that was positive to the thought of being in a place where people nurture you and hold the space for you to feel ‘wellness’ seeping out of your body again. This is the way energetics works – it works on every level of your being,

Well this isn’t just an image to be imagined, it is an exclusive and very real retreat on offer. It is a space that is very expertly set up so that you can truly switch off in a way that is unlike that of just a holiday, it’s guided and nurtured, it’s created and built for you step by step, an hour at a time. It is The Goddess Retreat happening 22-26 September 2016 in Italy, and if you are a woman who has a thousand demands in a busy life then this is the retreat for you. Iron out your inner conflicts and ground yourself into a more peaceful place so you feel empowered once again. What is this feeling really worth to you – to feel empowered and at your best again? Get back the best of you. This is a space in which you will make long term and cherished friends – friends that you can stay in touch with ongoingly and maintain your level of support throughout the rest of the year, having been guided through many tools to nurture yourself. Because by nurturing your divine feminine energy you will access the true power within you that is the best of you.

Reserve your spot at the fall retreat!
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