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Thank you from The Power of the Goddess Team

Thank you from The Power of the Goddess Team

Did you ever see that movie Pretty Woman  (with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts)? Just as they are heading she turns her stunning self to him and says ‘if I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time’. And that’s the magic moment! Remember that one? Very old but a classic movie. A real ‘chick flick’, and a feel-good movie.

Well as we goddesses are about to head out to Paestum, Italy to host the wonderful group at The Fall Retreat 2016, we are in the exact same place of excitement, anticipation, and completely overwhelming gratitude to you. Yes, you. All of you.

It’s All About You

The joy in our journey up to the present point has been in the sharing and connecting with each of you through a multitude of means: Personal conversations, calls, Skypes and other online methods, Facebook lives, Facebook other, Webinars, Blogging as in this one, and so on. Every one of those interactions has left their wonderful imprint on us, and we hope that they have inspired and spurred you on to take action. Any action you take whether it be small or large is a massive step in the right direction – the direction of honouring all that ‘you’ can be as a woman.

And if you are a guy reading this we honour you too, because the masculine and feminine energies are there in every one of us as we all have both the X and Y chromosomes.

This blog is all about action and gratitude, and how these two things are one and the same. How? Well, gratitude is a feeling, therefore it is an emotion. Emotion is e-motion, or a state of movement where your spirit is able to shine through by expressing itself through your physical form. Gratitude is ofcourse a very powerful emotion. Actions are also a form of movement. When you put these two together it is a tremendously powerful combination – the powerhouse of positive action or movement forwards. Put another way, progress or growth are essential for human beings and life.

Manifestation - The Law of Attraction

Manifestation – The Law of Attraction

The Fall Retreat

If you have ever heard of things like manifestation, or the law of attraction, then this is exactly what these refer to. They refer to such a strength of feeling that the thing the feeling is about becomes manifest. And here we are manifest The Fall Retreat. If for any reason you were unable to make the retreat, don’t worry we will be posting about The Fall Retreat 2017 soon, and to let you know all about how the one that we are about to embark upon.

If you are at home and unable to join us in Italy, we encourage you to take just on hour out over the next week, to join us in spirit. During your one hour, spend time completely nurturing or pampering yourself.  During that experience sit in a state of gratitude and really ‘feel’ it.

What Does Being a Woman Mean To You?

Give thought to what being a woman means to you, the reasons why you are grateful for your femininity and the challenges that you have overcome, or are still working on. And please do share with us in the comments below – remember when one person raises a share it is absolutely guaranteed that someone else out there had a similar question or thought and your comment could help someone else – isn’t that one of the most wonderful things about being a women – we can help one another. Have an amazingly and grateful week dear reader.  🙂

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