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Secret Healing Place For Women Revealed

Secret Healing Place – Call Out for Women

Many of us know that the planet has major healing locations such as Glastonbury in the UK, and as expected many people gravitate to these places. But have you ever wanted the special healing energy of that place, without the massive crowds.  There is a hidden gem that most people do not realise is not just any healing place but an incredible hot spot, especially powerful for women or put another way overflowing with divinely feminine energy.

Okay if you are a woman then you will be literally sitting on the edge of your seat right, and if you are not then you will be when I give you just a small snippet of information about it….something to leave you salivating with the desire to go there right now.

If you are a man then please don’t switch across because we haven’t forgotten you and there is something being created for you too. For now, you may be up for receiving the ‘bestest husband, partner, father, brother or friend award’ from a woman special to you – go ahead and treat her. It’s rare that I spot something that I think if my guy got me that gift it would stand out from all the rest over the years. It’s true – no sugar coating necessary.

So now I have your attention let’s get stuck into the nitty-gritty 😉

How Is It This A Secret Healing Place?

As human beings, our ancestry is incredibly important. The historic records of each place shine a light on our past. Even if you were not alive thousands of years ago, the history of those times is totally relevant to you right now. How? Well just look at your DNA, the blood, cells and organs of your body are living testament to their journey through history. Your bodies are from your parents, their parents and theirs, and so on. History is living, breathing in you right now. Take a moment and look at yourself in the mirror – you are used to looking at yourself daily and maybe it’s time to take a fresh new look.

In introducing this incredibly healing location that is fully accessible to you I’m going to take you back to Greek mythology, 600 to 450 BC. Now if history wasn’t your hottest subject in school do not groan – promise you will recall this one – it’s that famous and fantastically huge. Let me take you back to the stories when the ‘Gods and Goddesses’ of ancient Greek mythology reined over the mortals. Gods like Zeus, Hera and Aphrodite. In fact the Olympian Queen of the Gods features strongly in all the well-known stories about the Gods. Phew! (I heard you sigh with relief and smile, and if not, then good on you.)

So Zeus was the lead figure amongst this group of incredible super beings. His wife (and you’ll be pleased to know he married for love) was Hera.  Hera was the Goddess of Women and Marriage. Wow. Incredible right?! She held the space for the divine feminine, love, nurturing and the best of women’s energy.

There are not just one, but two temples built in dedication of her in this secret healing place. These temples are magnificent structures of such magnitude they will take your breath away. These are in the same location and over many years were the places that the most divine of divine feminine energy congregated. Therefore it is not unsurprising that this location is particularly powerful and rebalancing for the female energy in us. Remember even though in 2016 we are thousands of years on from the ancient Greeks, we still have the energy of that time showing up in our bodies as passed to us through the generations.

What’s So Special About this?

So when you step into this place guess what your bodies will remember and be positively affected and influenced by the energy of that healing place. Isn’t that just a heavenly thought. Well how would you not only like to go to a place that is healing, especially so for women, but not as well known for the healing energies there? As if that’snot enough how would you like to go there and be shown how to tap into that healing energy so you really ‘get the juice out of it’ for yourself by three master energy guides? Well the

Goddess Retreat will be taking place in this very place, Paestum in Italy is Hera’s place the Goddess of Women and Marriage. A place with a divine feminine energy to help you rebalance and centre yourself.


Temple of Hera – Secret Healing Place


Take the Plunge – You Won’t Regret It :-)!

At The Goddess Retreat we will take you on a journey of the divine feminine  in a very secret healing place where you will reacquaint yourself with your own divine femininity in an incredible way. We will activate the feminine memory within you to really bring out the most empowered you. We each have memory in built to our human systems, just like if you’ve physically trained well once in the past your body muscles remember and get into shape much quicker if you resume training in later years, your feminine aspect does this too.

Be bold, take a stand for a better life and being the best version of you – being the woman you can be. The Goddess Retreat will take place in Paestum, Italy from 22nd to 26th September 2016, so don’t miss out…

Reserve your spot at the fall retreat now

For more information or to speak to one of the facilitators directly (Marjean, Kurly or Rebecca) Contact us on Facebook

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