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A Month’s Worth of Wellbeing-ness In Just One Week – Is this Possible?


This one was inspired by my morning walk in the magical Woodlands of Epping, England. The purpose is to answer what may be a burning question for you. In fact, it may be one that leaves you feeling a little powerless in your own life. There is a way through, so read on if you dare…

Are you caught in the middle of your life – busy, juggling, or just stuck in a particular routine because your financial well being, your business or work, or even your family set up demands it? Is a week the most you could manage to find time out if you really, really tried? Do you read articles, blogs and follow Facebook or other Social Media posts only to ‘swoon’ at the thought of a slower pace or ‘proper time out’? At the same time, do you realise that right now an extended leave of absence from your business, work, family or life just isn’t possible? Does it feel like an impossible ask?

3 -A Months Worth of Wellbeing-ness in One Week - Is this Possible - LEAD IMAGE & THUMBNAIL - POG_Sedona_200803-1392Well, all is not lost. I am here to show you how you can take a week and work a month’s worth of magic into your well being-ness with it. One that you can take home valuable learnings from to build into your life in a regular way, to keep your world light and bright. A strategic decision to take just one week out could be the difference between you powering forwards in your life, having the clarity to make good decisions daily, and feeling an overall sense of calm when all around you are in calamity or drama; verses continuing to feel over-stretched and as if you need to just ‘b-r-e-a-t-h-e’.

Nature is an important inspiration for me and should be for all human beings in my humble opinion. Why? As human beings we do not appear as if by magic, instead we are of the earth, of earthly physical and natural processes, and we go back to the earth in different ways depending upon your particular cultural beliefs. We are maintained and nourished by the earth, through our food, water, and the environment.  On my morning walk, I noticed that there was a pond with quite stagnant and browning water. Not the kind of water that one would want to dive into and have a refreshing swim. Not the kind of water that one would even want to dip our toes into to be honest. Yet note dear reader that this water was to be found in the middle of a lush green and vibrantly green forest, and in the middle of the water beautiful lilies were growing. Quite the contradiction, and yet a typical ‘story of nature’.

The ‘story of nature’ here was that there is nothing so bad that fresh life cannot spring from its darkened decaying depths, as was the beautiful Lily plant bursting with health, vitality and life. Evidence that the ‘natural and default’ state of our planet is that of ‘life’ with plentiful systems to support life. There is nothing that nature will ever give up on because nature’s default is one of life not decay, and we are part of nature so it is our default too. So if you feel your life is so dark, busy or beyond help just look at this one little story of nature and know that with the right conditions you too could revive yourself anew.

The planet rejuvenates life by ‘resetting’ what was – a ‘reboot’ if there are any IT literate folk reading this. So how do you instigate a reboot of your own body’s systems? One that is sufficient enough to leave you feeling revitalised and refreshed so when you return to your life you can enter it with clarity, calmness and a sense of inner peace – oh yes there is another name for it, wellbeing-ness.

Have you noticed that when your computer goes ‘kaput’ and you need to reboot, the IT engineer says switch it all the way off – that means either press and hold the off button down long enough for all systems to switch off, or other similar processes that result in complete switch off to a point of stillness.

For most people it takes a ‘shock’ type scenario such as leaving their current world, coupled with time to wind down and shrug off the things that normally occupy their mind. For most people it takes a day or so because all their systems are in the habit of ‘go, go, gooooo!’ Once they’ve let go, that is when the benefits begin to have effect. If you then fill up the space that is emptied of your normal daily thoughts and actions with things that are going to feed and nourish you upon every level, you will find that by the end of that week you have undergone what is the equivalent of not only a system reboot, but much more.

3 -A Months Worth of Wellbeing-ness in One Week - Is this Possible - 2ND IMAGE - Lilly PondThe benefits include an emotional detox where your system is freed from worries and concerns for long enough that your body, heart and mind can recall what it feels like to feel good. Remember the body’s systems cannot pick up a new habit or revive a positive old habit until they are introduced to that way of being in a way that is experiential, meaningful and impactful. If it is done in a way where you are ‘steeped in a pot of feel good nurturing’ – doing this is the equivalent of giving your body a week long immersion style reminder of how it is to feel good, and how to access that from within ‘you’ once again. Why do this? Simply put, a long enough period of feeling the negative effects of normal life make us less effective in decisions and responses, and inevitably lower the quality of our performance and our lives overall, and it becomes a default setting or habit, or the norm.

The great news is that if you don’t feel like you have the time to plan the perfect nurturing week away – that could feel like a big task, and potentially really overwhelming if we consider the perfect combination of activities, rest and processes. There is a week available that is already planned for this very purpose – restful, rejuvenating, and emotionally cleansing. A week that will have you feeling nurtured and looked after whilst you soak up the sun in gorgeous Italy.

A week where you will be guided and ‘your hand held’ metaphorically speaking through experience after experience to cleanse and fill you up on every level. You’ll be guided through letting go of those things that have been weighing you down, filled up with feel good gifts such as an incredible spa day with a difference, and much more. You will be guided through this week by master practitioners in the divine feminine, energy, personal development and much more. You will literally be in the hands of the best so that you arrive back home feeling your best – your most beautiful you.

This week is a Retreat with a difference that is focused upon the magnificence of the female, in all her roles.  It is jam packed full of content of high value for you to bring out the goodness ‘in’ you. The Goddess Retreat is for all women who want to be able to access the best of themselves once again, or for the first time. It is a must go to retreat, taking place 22nd to 26th September in Paestum, Italy. On top of all that fantastic value you will also during this week, meet some friends for life.

Reserve your spot at the fall retreat!
For more information or to speak to one of the facilitators directly (Marjean, Kurly or Rebecca) Contact us via facebook



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